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Case Study: FOCUS – Housing Compliance Software

Taproot Partners support public agencies to deliver services by linking private sector expertise and a competitive marketplace for public benefit. The company delivers programs and solutions that meet public sector needs. They worked with the government, private sectors, and nonprofits to provide management for both procurement and finance organization. They focus on providing values that extend beyond the primary interaction and investigating in innovation to reduce end user costs and ease adoption.

Business Need

The legacy application had limitations in customizing report design and calculation rules. The client wanted to improve the user experience by allowing the system for more flexibility in customization. Therefore, they were looking for a platform that can redesign the existing application with lower cost and improve the user experience.


FOCUS is a monitoring and reporting system that enables property owners and property managers to manage affordable housing records easily and efficiently. The system provides real-time calculations and reports to ensure that individual units are in compliance with federal, state and local income and rent restrictions. Mendix platform allowed the system to have more flexibility in customizing reports. Furthermore, new system can customize the calculation rules per agency.


The system increased the efficiency of managing reports and analysis and provided a management overview of the compliance status. Through the system, property manager can easily monitor their properties and units and generate real-time compliance reports which lead to significant paper flow reduction.


Austin McNicholas
Technical Engineer

Jaeyoon An
Solution Architect

Youngwook Shin
Technical Engineer